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Working on Subcommander 1.2.3

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Subcommander 1.2.2 does not build with gcc 4.3. I received a patch to fix the gcc 4.3 build issues (1.2.2 uses a few “ancient” includes). While I was applying and committing the patch I noticed that there are still a few bug fixes for 1.2 in the repository that were only released in the 1.2.2+ MacOSX universal build.

So the final 1.2.x (ie. 1.2.3) release will have a few additional bug fixes. After that I plan to concentrate on 2.0 again. :)

Unfortunately, 1.2.3 takes more time than I would like. Qt3 doesn’t work on MacOSX Leopard anymore. That’s bad because I used to test the source archive on MacOSX.

So I’m currently setting up a Linux system for Subcommander development to test the source archive:

I started with an iso image of ubuntu 7.04 that was still on my disk and installed it into VMware Fusion. There were a lot of updates and development packages I had to install. But that went *very* smooth. :)

The last thing I did was to install the Subcommander 1.2.2 package and checkout the 1.2.x branch. (Uhhh, Qt3 looks really bad in the Gnome environment.., maby i should have used kubuntu ;)

The next step will be to check the build and prepare the release. Subcommander 1.2.3 is on its way…


Written by hauner

Friday, 4 April, 2008 at 11:20

Posted in subcommander

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