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Linux .desktop files and the Subcommander SVG Logo

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While adding Linux .desktop files for subcommander and submerge I got a bit sidetracked and tried to convert the Subcommander logo to an svg file. The original file is a psp vector image file (from an older PaintShopPro version). At first I tried to find a file format that would let me export it and import it again into Inkscape (on a Mac). Shouldn’t be to difficult.

No way! Both programs understand a number of different formats but nothing that really worked. Because I did not want to spend my day trying different image converters I simply started to re-create the logo in Inkscape. Its just two bezier curves. After a while of fiddeling around with Inkscape (I have never done anything usfull with Inkscape before) I finally created something that is not 100% the same but at least 98% ;-)

How do you like the white logo? (a 265×265 png exported from Inkscape)


White Subcommander Logo

Back to the .desktop files. I don’t run Linux so anyone has an idea where to install them or the icons? Google came up with something like the list below but I’m not sure if this is universal for all Linux distributions or if it the same for KDE and Gnome.

  • /usr/share/applications/subcommander.desktop
  • /usr/share/applications/submerge.desktop
  • /usr/share/icons/???

So if you know, let me know :)


Written by hauner

Thursday, 1 January, 2009 at 19:11

Posted in subcommander, submerge

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