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It looks like I’m currently (currently!?) losing a bit track of things in Subcommander development… :-(

I tried to upgrade from Qt 4.4 to Qt 4.5. Bam, a couple of (my few) tests for the custom QAbstractItemModel (which is the base for the working copy display) don’t run anymore. The working copy view now crashes randomly. Great. Unfortunately I have so few test for the model, that I’m sure I will break other things trying to fix the broken tests. I’ve already wasted a lot of time debugging that code in the past with all the QModelIndex objects you can’t look into. I don’t want to waste more time on this….

So I took another step back (moving the proxy model into the TODO list again) and started another round on the QAbstractItemModel stuff. I’m now trying to TDD the model into existence. This is going a bit slow because I ‘m still a beginner at TDD. But I have about 20 tests around the new custom model implementation now and slowly it begins to do something.. :)

So far I always used cppunit to write tests. I think I’m going to drop it in favor of gtest/gmock. Allthough gmock does work together with cppunit, it is simpler and faster for me to create new tests with gtest instead of cppunit. With cppunit I always had a header and a implementation file. With gtest I just need an implementation file. This is a lot easier. Maybe this would work with cppunit too, but since gmock includes gtest anyway I have one dependency less to care for (just gmock instead of cppunit & gmock).

Another big issue that keeps me from making real progress is the maintainability of 3 build environments. Another time waster. I’m considering to move to qmake as the build environment and to drop the hand made configure/XCode/Visual Studio builds.

I also wonder if it wouldn’t be a lot easier to drop Visual Studio completely and use MinGW to build Subcommander on Windows. That way I would more or less use the same build environment (gcc and friends) on all the three platforms (Mac/Linux/Windows). This should improve maintainability as well.

So I’m still working on Subcommander, but I can’t tell when there will be a new release… but maybe I’m the only Subcommander  user anyway… ;)

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Sunday, 2 August, 2009 at 14:52

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