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Surprisingly there is a little bit progress.. :-)

I’m temporarily switching back to Qt 4.4 until I finish my new custom QAbstractItemModel  code. That allows me to create a new beta (5) based on subversion 1.6.5.

It won’t include all things planned for b5 but there are still a few improvements. I will play with it a couple of days at work and hope to release it next week.

I also started to play with the latest mingw. It is not as easy as I would like to build all the libraries Subcommander depends on.  So far I can build apr, apr-util and openssl. openssl worked out of the box. apr & apr-util needed a few libtool tweaks. So there is still some work ahead to build Subcommander on Windows with gcc and friends.

But I think it is worth the effort. My goal is to use the configure/make build on all platforms so I have to maintain only a single build environment.

I can then also drop Visual Studio on Windows and move to QtCreator as IDE on MacOSX and Windows. After playing with it a couple of days on the subversion code I’m quite satisfied with it.

I like it better than XCode or Visual Studio (with the exception of the debugger) although it is still quite simple. It can switch very reliable between declaration and implementation. Something where Visual Studio is really weak… ;)

Written by hauner

Thursday, 3 September, 2009 at 22:21

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  1. Interesting :)

    Two or three weeks ago I compiled the latest sources I could find (Beta 4) on Arch Linux x80_86 – and got it working! And I was surprized how genuine it looks. But this version is not very stable. It crashes every few minutes especially while working with the repository. I remember this was also an issue under Windows and my current ‘pre b5’ (r2343M) on Windows is again much more stable.

    Note: I had some (only a few!) real compile errors: unknown functions, unknown types, a single (deprecated?) svn header was not found, I had to include cstdlib on some places. It would be great if you could test the use of mingw (I know this very well) because this would help a lot for portability also on other platforms, especially Linux. Otherwise I offer to compile it on Linux and give a detailed report about all these issues back to you.


    Friday, 4 September, 2009 at 06:57

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